The Art of Tristan Meinecke -- Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Found Art, Split-Level Painting -- Crushed Canvas

Found Art

Vignette: Unsigned: Authenticated by MLM: 55 x 49.5 x 15 -- INV# B73

Though damaged this piece still evokes. On seeing this piece people react. This is what the artist wanted. He truly didn't care if anyone liked it so long as it stirred something inside them. Vignette was exhibited at the Art Institute in 1963 to excellent reviews.

Wrapped Woman

Created from the front cover of a stand-up piano, a mannequin torso, a burlap bag, some old string, paint and a burning desire to rip boundaries apart and shed light where society prefers darkness. This is a well traveled piece which TM refused to sell on more than one occasion. On one occasion at a local showing, TM was confronted by a group of feminists who strongly objected to the subject matter. TM waited until they paused and said that his love of woman was obvious and irrelevant and that if they were so shallow intellectually that they were unable able to see what this piece so obviously says, they would never be able to elevate the status of woman in society, which was something he said needed doing. This started a huge discussion among a larger group of people that eventually ended up back on Cleveland street -- few left before dawn.

Untitled: Signed: 37 x 46 x 6 -- INV# 125

An archaic bowling pin, discarded wood, mannequins and paint.

Untitled: Affectionately known as "Fireplace" Signed: 37 x 33 x 9.5 -- INV# B42

Old desiccated two by fours and paint

Untitled: Unsigned -- Authenticated by BLM: 49 x 39 x 6 -- INV# 111

A beat up piece of plywood, paint, disgarded mannequin hands / arms and chutzpah.

Untitled: Affectionally know as "The Face". Unsigned: Authenticated by BLM
62 x 48 x 5 -- INV# O9

A discarded canvas tractor Cover above -- three pieces of scrap wood and old scrap pieces of canvas below

Untitled: Unsigned: Authenticated by BLM
30 x 41 x 8 -- INV# O8

Untitled: Signed: 31 x 41.5 by 4.5 -- INV# O7

Untitled; Unsigned: Authenticated by BLM
33 x 44 x 7: INV# O24


Untitled: Unsigned: Authenticated by BLM
30.5 x 89.5 x 2 -- INV# B94

Untitled: Unsigned: Authenticated by MLM
30 x 78 x 2 -- INV# B93

Untitled: Unsigned: Authenticated by MLM
30 x 0 x 1.5 -- INV# B92

One man's trash -- another man's treasure. Old, discarded doors . . . Nope! Instead they end their days as wonderfully imaginative paintings.

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