About the Meinecke Family Collection


The family owns the majority of the art created by Tristan Meinecke. We have over 150 works and memorabilia.

The family retains and owns the digital rights to ALL works of Tristan Meinecke whether or not the original is in our current possession.

The vast majority of works not owned by the family are held by private collectors here and in Europe, principally Germany. We are aware of the locations of all of these privately held pieces.

The majority of the remainder are owned by close family friends and past friends of Tristan and Angel both living and deceased. Some of these locations are known, some are not. In the latter case, we are interested in discovering their whereabouts. If you own a Meinecke work you think we're unaware of please contact us.

Two works were stolen.

Meinecke works are currently publicly offered for sale ONLY through the venues listed on our home page.

Interested parties please inquire -- though the family may not want to part with the works.

High quality, low edition silk screen prints of any work are available.

We can authenticate any Meinecke work. We will provide certificates of authenticity for a nominal fee.

We are interested in cataloging works sold between 1950 and 1980, that are not in our possession or records. We are interested in discovering the whereabouts of the two works that were stolen. We are interested in people enjoying Tristan's Art and his many other creative works.

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