Many thanks to John Corbett for safe guarding the drawings

It's readily apparent that Tristan Meinecke exhibited unusual artistic and concentration skills for a child of two and a half.

The first drawing is of a horse-drawn delivery cart which parked outside his front window around the same time every day. He would look out his window and draw the cart. It was only visible through the window for a few minutes. He had to wait each day for it to appear so he could draw it. He kept going until it was finished which was several days. He was two and a half.

Notice the perspective, the horse is large because it was close to him, the driver small because he was farther away. The detail and execution are notable for a child so young.

Tristan's mother, Jessie Meinecke, is the person who wrote on the drawings. The text is enhanced to make it more readable.

By the age of ten Tristan drawing's were nearly photo-realistic images, which aside from the precise rendering of his subject, exhibit a sense of light and depth beyond his years.

The final drawing is one of only two self-portraits known to exist. It was completed when Tristan was 13.



Two and a half years old.


Three years old

Tristan Meinecke Early Drawings


Three and one half years old


Eleven years old - Note the signature

Tristan Meinecke Early Drawings


Thirteen years old




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