The Art of Tristan Meinecke -- Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Found Art, Split-Level Painting -- Crushed Canvas

Meinecke ArtSpace presents Glenn Schreiner

Glenn Schreiner is one of the most talented artists we've met. This guy can draw anything -- literally! More importantly, he's also a great man. Without his help, much the resurrection accomplished would never have happened. He is a Chicago treasure, our treasure -- even though he lives in Fort Collins Colorado. We miss Glenn quite a bit but have stayed in touch -- he continues to amaze us with his on-going evolution as an artist. Truly, Glenn Schreiner gave us much! We will always be indebted to him. Come on back to Shy man -- you've always got a place here!

VIDEO: Glenn Schreiner on Tristan Meinecke, The Resurrection of his Art, and a Vagina



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